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Hi, I'm Kira!

I’m a UX Designer with experience in human nutrition, pharmacology, leadership, research and inclusive design. I have been an artist all my life and decided to make the jump from healthcare to design.

If I'm not practicing design or reading the newest UX book, you can find me in the Rocky Mountains exploring or in the kitchen experimenting. 


I was a kid with a laundry list of potential careers I wanted to pursue.​ I’ve always had a taste for knowledge and wanting to know the “why” behind everything. Therefore I completed a Bachelors of Science and was contemplating what direction to go next. I considered grad programs but then discovered the world of design and when I tell you I fell in love, I fell hard.​ I couldn’t think about anything other than pursuing UX Design and completed a program in 2021.  

Now I bring to the table a love of knowledge and exploring human behavior, knowledgeable customer service, years of leadership, knack for research, and a passion for problem-solving


In my humble opinion, UX Design is better than all the careers I dreamt of as a kid because it has given me the ability to blend my skill set and passions and gives my soul the satisfaction of creating impactful solutions.



With a background in healthcare, I learned that empathy is a strength and include it into all of my work whether it be user research, ideating with other designers, or cross collaboration with all team members and clients.​


Rapid production and efficiency are my love languages.


If you’re not working as a team, you’re not doing it right. I believe you can learn something from every person you meet so my collaboration door is always wide open and welcoming all.​


I’m a big ideas person. I like to step outside the box and tap into the gray areas that some may be afraid to venture into.​

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