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Simplifying an onboarding process while appealing to beginners


Chani Nicholas 


3 Week Sprint


Figma, Miro, Trello, Zoom, Slack

My Role

UX/UI Designer, Lead UX Researcher

In collaboration with Ash Dager and Sarah Nafees

Project Brief

Chani Nicholas is an established Canadian astrologer. She has an iOS astrology app that offers daily/weekly reading, astro weather, meditation, journaling, and more.


With such an established brand, she wanted to take a look at how new users view her app along with all that she has to offer. 

Our task was to Improve the onboarding flow to familiarize users with what they’re signing up for and establish friendliness for astrology beginners.

Initial Research 

To begin all members of the team became familiar with the app and brand in order to understand and grasp the usability questions and tasks we will ask our users. Since we had the road block of the pandemic and being strictly remote, we built the app on Figma in order to observe users interactions. 

As the UX Researcher I began by looking at competitive companies, their products, and what their apps offer. I then made a couple graphs to visually depict the similarities and differences between CHANI and their competitors. Those graphs can be seen [here].


User Testing and Interviews

When interviewing and running usability tests on prototypes, we split our testers into two groups. The astrology beginners and astrology pros.




of testers:

  • would try the free trial but would like to preview content first.

  • didn't understand majority of the astrology terms like 'Astroweather' and 'Transits.'

of testers:

  • said "I want to see more free content before the paywall pops up."


  • "That's a lot of information. This is like a class!"

  • "I want to know what is behind these paywalls."

Key Findings


"I would like to see more free content before the paywall pops up."


"I don't understand most of these terms."


"I don't know how to read this birth chart.. The promo is helpful but I still don't understand it completely."


Beginner astrology enthusiasts (like Sam) need an informed introduction to the Chani app and astrology education that fosters an understanding of everything the app has to offer.

+ View more insights about Sam [here].


As a group we brainstormed 

solutions for Sam and discussed our ideas. Here are a few examples of what we came up with as a team:

  • Updating onboarding process with users feedback

  • Introducing the idea of a tour upon first entering the CHANI app

  • Idea and placement of the "Star Guide" that helps educate and guide the user


Mid-Fidelity Prototypes

Final Product

An astrology app that appeals to beginners and astrology veterans alike. 

An interactive prototype is available [here]

CHANI Prototype

Final Usability Testing Results

  • 100% of users felt the onboarding process was simple and clear. 

  • 100% of users knew exactly what was happening during the new user tour.

  • 80% of users commented that the Star Guide was helpful and intuitive.

  • 100% of users understood there is content beyond a paywall with the option to sample a bit of the content first. This clarity insured there was no discomfort or confusion with being invited to upgrade. 


"I like that you can see what content you'll get if you upgrade."


"The Star Guide feature is super helpful! I'd use it all the time."

Client Feedback

Our project was a success! The Chani team was happy with our work and planned to implement concepts on their next iOS update. They felt that we really "hit the mark" on introducing the Star Guide as a potential to educate beginners. 

Overall, our findings and design solutions helped Chani to appeal to beginner and veteran astrology users.

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