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Netflix Watch Party

Creating a Mobile Companion app




2 Week Sprint


Figma, Miro, Airtable, Zoom, Slack

My Role

UX/UI Designer, Lead UX Researcher

Project Brief

Netflix would like to launch an official product that allows users to watch content as a distributed group while also exploring the endless possibility of other features.

Netflix is looking for a way to help their users feel connected to their friends and family while streaming virtually.

Initial Research 

All members of the team were familiar with Netflix and their products therefore we began to focus on other streaming platforms and perform a competitive and comparative analysis. I took the lead of the research and began to look at and compile data on Netflix's competitors. 

Here you can see some clear similarities and differences. This visually shows where Netflix is excelling and where there may be room for improvement. 


NWP Chart.png

competitive analysis highlighted options of our focus. 

We choose to focus on including:

  • Chat feature 

  • Group pause capabilities 

User Testing and Interviews

So how did testing our product go? It was great! Overall we had really positive feedback.

  • Tested with 6 people

  • Asked them to perform two tasks


Main feedback 

  • Give users notification on when someone in the party is pausing or using any control

  • Notify users when the app is paired with a device and which device the content is playing on

  • Overall the most feedback was to add more responsive features letting the user know exactly what they’re doing


"90% of what I'm watching is because someone suggested it."


You can view low fidelity sketches [here].

What is our design?

Netflix watch party - A content and social forward app. Essentially a second screen mobile companion that uses a visual and interactive vocabulary that netflix users are familiar and comfortable with. We chose to focus on three main features, those being: Group chat - which is the main premise of the app. Tele party started it and we wanted to make it better! We also focused on remote control that syncs with everyone’s devices and friends recommendations.

  • Group chat feature

  • Remote controls that sync with all group members devices that they're streaming on

  • Friend recommendations 

Final Product


"With Netflix Watch Party, Sam's never watching alone."

A mobile companion app that allows you to socialize while streaming your favorite content on Netflix.

An interactive prototype is available [here]

CHANI Prototype

Final Usability Testing Results

Our feedback during the last testing process was overwhelmingly positive. 


By keeping a narrow scope and focusing on new social elements such as chat, synced viewing, and friend-centric content distribution, that allowed us to create a product that brings maximum user impact, and engagement, while keeping business risks and costs low. 

Next Steps

Our main focus was having a chat feature, synced viewing and user profiles that can showcase recommended titles. We would like to revisit other features that users suggested in our prior research.


After completing a high fidelity prototype, we conducted usability tests with four individuals to understand where we may need to make some improvements. While we had a great amount of positive feedback, there were some functions and design aspects we would like to incorporate into a new prototype. Some of these aspects include changing the size of some buttons so that it’s easier for the average phone user to navigate, adjusting the color of some features and exploring different placements for other aspects.

Our plan as we move into development and beyond is to continue to iterate  and redesign the expanded feature set we explored early in our process. Post-launch we will leave channels open for live user feedback, allowing us to rapidly create new, exciting, popular features. 


With Netflix Watch Party, streaming movies will no longer be a solitary experience - you can have a watch party anywhere. At any time. With any of your friends. Our movie watching will span the globe without ever having to leave the couch.

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